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For participating/ Viewing online tenders click here 

Click on Tenders by Organisation> Select the appropriate fields and click on search after filling the captcha> Then click the No. of tenders in the Directorate Urban Administration and Development then search by Package Numbers.

Guidelines for Bid Submission:

1. Please select 'Exepmtion in EMD' and pay the cost of Bid Document and attach the scanned copy of Bid Security (Bank Guarantee) file.

2. Please fill the detailed BoQ (in *.rar format) and then fill the total amount of abstract sheet to the price bis (in *.xls format) and upload both files.


Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Company Limited,
Amarkantak Bhavan press Complex MP Nagar Bhopal 462004


MPUDC is a Govt. Compney dedicated to improve the over dignity, health and environment of communities through delivering clean safe and efficient Services. We believe that the health of our world depends on reliable access to clean water. We also help to ensure that water is clean when returned to environment.

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