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S NoPackage No NIT No Name of Town Download
1 Disclosure of Technical Evaluation - Maheshwar Download
2 Package 4E (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -91 Antri, Bilaua, Pichhore Download
3 Package 4B (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -86 Bhind Download
4 Package 6E (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -89 Khajuraho, Rajnagar Download
5 Package 4C (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -87 Gohad Download
6 Package 3F (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -88 Athana Download
7 Disclosure of Technical Evaluation - Nasrullaganj Download
8 Package 4F (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -94 Gormi, Lahar, Mehgaon Download
9 Package 2F (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -93 Anjad, Badwaha, Sanawad Download
10 Package 4I (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -95 Shadora, Raghogarh, Badarwas Download
11 Package 5D (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -96 Kymore, Vijayraghavgarh Download
12 Package 4G (MPUSIP) MPUDCL/TENDER NO -92 Kailaras, Jhundpura, Joura Download
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